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Local Buzz & Inserts

Q:   Who are you targeting?

A:   The Local Buzz specializes in hitting your desired demographic based on location, income and proven success rates. We               cover the Tri-Valley/680 corridor plus Livermore. Local Buzz allows you to target the right market at the right price. We                   successfully identify your business needs and goals and target customers. Our distribution areas have been skillfully                     divided into select regions to guarantee your ad will reach the most homeowners with the lifestyle needs and income your             business offers.

Q:   How many times a year do you mail?

A:   The Local Buzz’s magazine services feature full color ads printed on glossy paper. The magazine is mailed every month and

        covers Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Consumers in the East Bay Area are coupon and savings connoisseurs.                      Recent studies show high-income homeowners are using print and online coupons now more than ever. Easy access to

        discounts on products and services in their cities are in high demand.

Q:   What is the charge to design my ad?

A:   Zero! We design everything for you. We work directly with you to design your advertisement and determine the most

        successful locations to mail to. In addition to the design, mailing and demographic selection, all advertisements are posted

        online and available to consumers searching for discounts in their area via the Internet. We have in-house graphic designers

        to create the highest quality advertisements with graphics that are visually appealing to your consumers. We are also happy

        to completely design the piece for you, or base it off of your current advertising look.

Q:   Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

A:   Only if you want it to work. We offer guaranteed pricing when you sign up for three mailers. If you aren’t satisfied with the

        customer response after your first 3 consecutive mailing dates, the 4th month is FREE with design updates and changes to

        improve customer return. 100% guaranteed. No questions asked.

        We also offer mailer-to-mailer contracts, and long-term contracts as well. You and your marketing consultant can discuss

        which would be the best option for you. Our years of experience and research, however, has shown that you’ll get your best

        return rate with a consistent mailing, so consumers get to know you. We recommend a minimum of 3 mailers as a trial run.

Q:   Does it work?

A:   Yes.

        “My company, Junk Pros, has worked with Golden Mailer for years now. They initially gave me 10,000 free mailers to test

        their service and we have been using them ever since! 

As a business owner I look for the quality of the print, response

        and customer service from the advertiser. Golden Mailer has always taken good care of me and dealt with my many

        requests often at the last minute. I recommend any business owner to call Golden Mailer; I’m glad I did!” – Junk Pros

        “I started my business in 1983 and tried Golden Mailer. That was almost 30 years ago and I have to say that my relationship

        with this company is the best business relationship that I have ever had. They just don’t make businesses like this anymore.

        Dependable and trustworthy! We started out slow. I understood that advertising is cumulative and that one or two runs may

        not produce miracles. I have built my very successful business almost solely on this company’s advertising. They have

        always been courteous, helpful, honest, and professional with me. I have NEVER had one complaint in 3 decades! I would

        agree to a very large contract with the owner on a handshake or a phone call. 

I am thankful that I found Golden Mailer

        and I would HIGHLY recommend them to any of my friends, family, or business acquaintances.” – Windowsmith


        “After only 4 months of advertising with Golden Mailer our customer increase was so large that we are adding a second

        fence crew to cater to areas bringing in such high volume results.” – G & G Deck and Fence

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