4 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall in LOVE With You From Day One

At what point does customer satisfaction matter? We believe it starts from the first interaction. Here are four ways to make your customers fall in love with you and your company.

Respect Time

Today’s customers are busy. Go above and beyond in respecting their time, and they will notice.

  • Answer phone call within 3 rings

  • Reply to voicemails and emails within the same business day

  • Give specific time frames for meetings and jobs and show up on time and ready


We are so eager to show off our knowledge, that most of launch into the “pitch” right off the bat. In your initial meeting, we should let the customer talk. In this time, we should:

  • Ask Questions

  • Take Notes to show that we are listening

  • Look your customers in the eye

Follow Up

Don’t make the client follow up with you after a meeting, it may be easier for us, but it is not for them.

  • Be specific on when they can expect to hear from you

  • Ask what their preferred method of communication is, email, phone calls or text message.

Thank You

We say thank you because we want the other person to know that we value them. Taking a minute to give thanks will be something customers remember.

  • Handwritten Thank you Cards to new and repeat clients

  • Phone call personally Thanking for a referral

Key Takeaway

Customer Satisfaction starts from the minute they pick up the phone or go to your website. People do business with companies that leave them feeling happy and valued. Happy Customers buy again and refer their friends and neighbors and that is GOOD for business!

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