5 Simple Ideas to Find New Clients

Finding new clients for your business can be the most difficult, but one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. The burning question on my clients’ minds is where to look and what to do. Here are a few easy and even fun ways of finding new clients:

Targeted Mailing

Not all targeted mailings has to be expensive! There are many options out there to help you target your clients while staying within budget. If you wanted to do something a little fancier, the United States Post Office just introduced a new product called “Every Door Direct Mail”. The service allows you to send out postcards to targeted local neighborhoods.


You could take advantage of your local chamber’s events, join a networking group or get involved with your alumni from your university. Attending meetings will give you a chance to meet other local business owners who may buy from you or become a referral source for your business

Involve Friends and Family

Word of mouth advertising will always be your least expensive and strongest form of advertising. Make sure to let them know the type of clients you are looking for your business.

Go Online

Have a strong online presence whether it’s a website, social media or a blog, Your website can be your best sales person night and day. A blog allows you to give informative information to your current and potential clients, which causes you to stand apart from your competition while social media allows you to connect with your fans and followers on a daily basis. All these methods together provide you a way to stay in front of your consumers as well as a way to find new clients

Free Samples

Everyone loves getting something for free! Depending on what your product or service is giving a free sample could be a great way to introduce your self to new clients

Keep in mind that the key is to have a diverse plan and what worked ten years ago may not work today. Have Fun and Enjoy the process

We would love to hear from you!

What ways do you find new clients?

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