Adapt to Changes – Part 9

“Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit, and you reap a character.”

Charles Reade (1814-1884)

Our final habit in this series concerns a topic that can be very difficult to accept, especially if you have devoted an enormous amount of time and energy in creating your business. Many times we have faced those “little bumps in the business road” that have kept us up at night. Generally, we find a solution that is compatible with our business expectations; however, once in a while, we have to change course and plot a new approach or game plan. Adapting to change can be a very personal experience, but being willing to consider other options is critical in a changing economic environment, as we are currently experiencing.

Golden Mailer has found these nine habits to be very useful in developing our business model they have proven very beneficial in achieving a sustaining our place in a very competitive market. As a brief review here are the 9 habits have found to be the most useful in building our business:

Know Your Market & What Your Customer Wants

Develop a Mission Statement and Business Plan

Create a Repeatable, Scalable Business Organization

Develop a Culture of Discipline

Be Professional

Be Consistent & Follow Through

Stay on Top of Profits & Cash Flow

Keep Your Employees Involved

Adapt to Changes

Adapt to Changes

Possibly the most difficult habit to acquire is that of accepting change, after all, your whole existence for putting your business together was to achieve a specific mission that had been successfully implemented and was serving yours and the communities needs. At least up until the demand for your services or product began to falter, you may find it difficult to accept the need to alter your business plan or vision of the company’s future. Well, lets face it, if you are not willing to adapt to the changes in the market place, or to the impact of new technology, or to the competition’s improved innovation, your business is going to be run over, and you will be left in the dust. How do you avoid such a disaster? Well, you adopt change, make it your partner, and seek out new ideas for conducting business, by either experimenting with alternative products or services, or by considering various “what if” possible changes. The commercial environment is not a stationary workplace, it is in constant motion, and so should you be in a constant state of awareness about potential changes that might negatively impact your business. You must remain a positive, up beat owner who is aware of the business environment and all the options that affect your life’s work.

One final thought; persevere in all that you do. The challenges you will face in your business endeavors will only be overcome if you approach them with a conviction of absolute commitment. Seek solutions until the last moment, you will discover that consistently pursuing these habits will lead to a better destiny than you had originally dreamed possible.

Speaking of adapting to change:

  • What changes have you had to make in the past four or five years to assure your business remains competitive?

  • How has your business adapted to the innovations in computer applications related to marketing, billing, and customer service?

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