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How do you determine the best Bay Area website design and where do you pull the funds?

With all the advancements and new vehicles available to market your business, you learn that nothing is ever a sure thing… Once we find something that works, we tend to stick to it. There are two common idioms that are both contradicting and true. Marketing professionals typically pick one and act as a strong advocate for it, but when presented with the other, they have a hard time disputing the validity.

“Never put all your eggs in one basket” -OR- “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

The success of every business ranges vastly depending on the marketing strategy that is best suited for them. While a strong majority of marketing directors strictly practice the commonly used motto, “Never put all your eggs in one basket,” this is built on the fear that if all your eggs are in a single basket, you will end up with eggs on your face. We are a culture built on making investments, but we’ve also lived through decades of financial markets that have been fast to rise and even faster to fall… Thus, we are programmed to diversify. For marketers, this requires allocating your budget across dozens of outlets, hoping those resources will reach as many customers through as many different vehicles.

The more we diversify, the less risk we run of missing a potential customer. The truth is, this is not a practical use of resources for local businesses, or nationwide business for that matter. Spreading your budget across dozens of advertising outlets will spread your resources too thin to successfully reach the audience you want.

There was a smart man that tweaked this idiom, and it was Mark Twain who said, “Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket.”

There are millions of successful businesses that are loyal to the same marketing tactic that created a trusted foundation. This is where you find the fervent believers in the marketing practice of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They know exactly where the marketing budget is going every quarter and take comfort in knowing it is reaching their target demographic.

It’s difficult to take resources away from a successful billboard or print mailer advertising budget, and no sane person would recommend that they do. But there is a difference between loyalty, and simply being comfortable with what you know. Fear of the unknown is not a safe marketing strategy. The same way we are programmed to diversify, we are just as much a culture that is constantly evolving. Consumers are evolving faster than marketing professionals can keep up with.

There was a not so smart person who said, “Set it and forget it.” You don’t need to turn your entire marketing platform upside down with a single Bay Area website design, but you can’t let it run on autopilot.

Online and digital marketing are intimidating concepts for many companies. But what is more frightening? The competition is doing it. The bottom line is: Your marketing tactics have to keep up with how people consume information. You must have an online marketing strategy. You also can’t remove resources from areas that you know bring in business. This is where it gets tricky. An economics professor will tell you that the key to fighting inflation or preventing a recession is moderation. A dietitian will tell you the key to maintaining a healthy weight is moderation. While I’m not an economics professor or a dietitian, once you’re ready to move some eggs into a new basket, do it in moderation. There are options available – Even for businesses with limited resources. If you don’t see a return on your investment, put your egg back. If you realize that you have been alienating a significant number of customers, put more eggs in the new basket.

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