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Best Offers to Get Your Phones to Ring in 2021

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

written by Samantha Zeager

Best Offers to Get Your Phones to Ring in 2021

Promotional offers are the key factor to motivating consumers to buy. Offers are used to increase sales and create intrigue around your business. An aggressive offer can be the difference between a consumer going with your company versus your competitor. 2021 is totally up in the air with how the economy is going to be. People are saving money and investing in their own properties right now. Anywhere they can receive some type of discount on services is going to be huge!

The first type of offer that attracts the eyes the most is “FREE”. Free estimates are pretty standard these days, so if you can think of anything else you can throw in for free that won’t hurt your business will definitely set you apart. 

A dollar amount off is another great offer. These do not require a ton of thought from the consumer. They know it will be a certain dollar amount off a project, rather than calculating a percentage off. You can always put a disclaimer on these offers saying, “minimum of $___”.

A very popular offer that is a great go-to is percentage off. This way it scales depending on how much the project is. For example, “10% off your first invoice” will be different depending on whether the job is $100 versus $1000. 

Buy 1 Get 1 is another great offer for any products you sell. This runs along the lines of the “free” offer because someone feels like they’re getting a whole other product free for the purchase of one. Sometimes simple wording can make a huge difference. 

We also encourage trying out different offers. With the LocalBuzz magazine you can change up your ad every month. The first two months you can try a percentage off, and if that’s not working the next two months you try a dollar amount off. There is no right or wrong offer just one that suits your company and your consumers the best. We love helping you find your marketing formula.

Here is our mailing map and dates for 2021:

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