Branding Your Business – Part 2

Put together a Brand Package: Design a logo (or have designed for you!) that is simple and easy to read and understand. You don’t need to explain every part of your business in the logo… keep it simple! From the logo, get a business card and stationery set (letterhead and envelopes) that coordinate and feature the new logo. If you do estimating or use other forms regularly, having a custom form that also features your logo is a great investment. Once you have this package put together, make sure your website coordinates as well! Use similar colors and design concepts throughout for a cohesive, professional image.

Get optimized online! You want to make sure that customers can find you easily, and an increasing number of people are going to the web first when searching for this information. One simple way to make sure you’re maximizing the free resources is to go to, which will take it simple to claim your business presence across a number of sites.

Join the online world – Join the social media world through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These are great places to not only promote your business but also to educate your current and future clients, and to interact with them on a personalized level, which can go a long way to building a long-term relationship.

Put it into print – Postcards, newspaper, and direct mail are all great ways to get you message into your customers homes. Print media is different then the wonderful online world, simply due to the fact that your message is delivered right to the customer! The customer does not need to know who you are to be found.

Stick to it – A brand grows over time, you now should have a great plan of actions. Stick to it and you should see the success through your consistent actions and dedication to your marketing plan.

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