Golden Mailer Expands Graphic Design Team!

We are proud to announce the addition of Mandeep Jhitta as Golden Mailer’s newest Graphic Design and Development Specialist

Mandeep Jhitta was born in Oakland and raised in Berkeley, CA. Spending his entire life in the Bay Area, he attended Silicon Valley College, a private school where he majored in graphic design. After graduating he spent almost a decade designing display advertisements and brought his experience to our team.

Mandeep is very close with his family and siblings. In fact, he is currently helping his brother-in-law with all the video editing and marketing materials for his startup business. He also loves building and construction, so much so that in the past he entertained himself by breaking electronics and then rebuilding them himself.

He is a seasoned disc-jockey (D.J.) and still performs at different events and clubs. To top that off, he is currently working with his brother to build a music studio from scratch. Mandeep also enjoys biking and is a member of the ever-growing gaming community.


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