Golden Mailer Welcomes Nick Hughey To The Team!

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Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nick Hughey is a strong addition to the team. Having grown up in the Bay Area he has a passion for helping local businesses succeed. His commitment to giving back and creating a thriving community is founded on ideals that you are only as strong as your community. Schools are only as successful as the local businesses and business owners in their city. Nick is driven by actually seeing a business owner challenge their competition to provide better and more affordable services to local consumers; and as a result, exceeding expected ROI when he first started working with them.

Nick left the East Bay after graduating from De La Salle to attend Oberlin College in Ohio. He returned home after studying Neuroscience due to his natural curiosity to understand things at a fundamental level. This thirst for knowledge is what brought him to our company where he can help other companies understand and reach targeted demographics without wasting time or money.

Nick was immediately drawn to our team – after his first interview he knew this was exactly where he belongs. Much like his own family, he loves how close-nit the team is and the open-door policy that applies to everyone. The opportunity to have multiple face-to-face meeting with our CEO and discuss different sales and marketing strategies is something he knows he would never receive at a large corporation where employees are often lost in the crowd.

Lastly, Nick doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. He has volunteered in Arizona to rebuild homes on a reservation, delivered Salvation Army meals in San Francisco, plants gardens in low income housing development so the residents can grow some of their own food, and spent time on the San Diego border working with migrant workers to build homes for Habitat for Humanity.


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