How to Choose the Right Online Marketing Team

The marketing world evolves every day. With the constantly changing of techniques and more choices as the days go by, it may seem difficult to choose an online marketing team. So, where should you start?

First off, ask some questions to some companies. One interesting question to ask is: what client are you most proud of? This will allow them to talk about successes that they have had in the past. It’s a pretty big red flag if they cannot come up with any. However, if they do speak of successes, then go on to ask specific details on the results and see if they are up to par on the company you want helping your business.

Another good question is: how long will it take to see search results. This is a question that can test the company with a trick question. It’s tricky because if they come up with a time that seems so fast or too good to be true, then it probably is. Also, make sure to see that they stick with the timeline they set forth.

See the ways in which they compare to their competitors. If their competitors are doing significantly better than them, then it should be quite clear that something is wrong with the company. However, make sure that they aren’t simply new and you are judging them against companies that have been around for quite some time. On the other hand though, experience tends to be nice to have.

Is the online marketing plan scalable? Of course there should be a plan if things go poorly; but what if things are going very well? Is there going to be the ability to keep pushing and going forward more?

There are also some traits to look out for in online marketing teams.

Make sure that they practice what they preach. If they say that SEO is their specialty, then make sure that they are genuinely good at it and it is a honed skill.

Having an honest and open company is very important. It isn’t good to have a company that is very vague with their responses or they don’t want to share certain information. Companies should build relationships with their customers.

A company should be willing to pick up the phone. Customers need customer support to be, well quite frankly supported. No customer wants to have to try desperately to get ahold of the company only to be delayed time and time again.

Lastly, make sure that they are fun and creative. This isn’t necessarily important to everyone, but some customers want to get excited and enthused with the people that they work with.

Choosing an online marketing tem can seem like a daunting task, but it is important to not rush in and pick the wrong one.


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