How to Create a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is, very simply, a written out plan that states the steps of how to accomplish your company’s marketing strategy. A marketing plan will to cover at least one year and up to five years. The purpose of it is to show a very detailed, step by step plan of action, and can also cover budget planning for future marketing needs.

What you will need: First off, you’ll want to refer to your marketing strategy – Once you’ve compiled your marketing strategy, you will have a better idea of what your business goals are, your description of your product and services as well who your customers is.

A binder You will want to refer to it quarterly if not monthly. You can have your marketing strategy here, tabs for putting in monthly reports on sales so you can see what it working or not working and ideas that you would like to try for the next year.

Time It can take a couple of months the write a plan and should not be taken lightly. Give yourself time to write out all the steps that you will need to be able to get your plan off the ground. For example you may put that you would like to start a website for your business. Break this task up into smaller easier to chew task. Do you have a logo? Do you want to put before and after photos? Planning out each step out will allow you to see a better idea about time frame and budget. You also want to allow your self to think out ideas and it is okay to allow yourself to make changes.

A team Discuss what goals you would like to accomplish over the estimated time period. Determine who your target market is; would you like to specialize in a niche market? Make sure that you give detail information about the product and service that you would like to use. A marketing budget should be estimated, you want to make sure that whatever you start should be able to run for at least 3-5 times. Your team could be a spouse, your staff or a business mentor.

Ideas of types of Marketing you can use in your plan

  • Networking either in person or online

  • Online advertising

  • Direct mail – Solo or with other local companies

  • Trade Shows

  • Write Articles or educate in person about your product and service in your local community

  • Advertise in print media – Newspaper or in a magazine

  • One to one selling – either door to door or cold calling

These are just a handful of ideas; there are endless possibilities out there!

Here are some tips:

Concentrate on finding ways to attract new clients

Set up a plan that once you start working with a new client what can you do to make sure they stay a good client for years to come

You want to make sure you have a program set up to contact clients whom you have not talked to in a while

Be prepared to revise your plan and make changes as time passes

Your goal in creating a marketing plan is to create a road map to help your companies future. It is important to take your time a study the market to see what your different options are and the measured effectiveness. With careful studying you may be able to even find a new niche advertising market that no one has tried

Good Luck and Happy Planning!

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