How to Design an Effective Coupon Ad that Works

Coupon advertising provides a very small amount of space to give the information that motivates customers to use your services or products. To attract customers, you need to provide the right information, in the right format, over a sufficient period of time. Whether you design your own coupon ad or have one of our advertising specialists prepare it for you, make sure you study the copy, artwork, and offer carefully. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you decide if your ad is ready for publication:

Does your ad should have a specific message that tells about your product or service? Is it concise and to the point? Can you remove words that aren’t needed?

Is what you’re saying in the ad reasonable, factual, and believable?

Is the offer good enough to entice someone to act? Would you use this coupon?

Have you set up a system to track your returned coupons? It can be as simple as a small code

in the disclaimer, or changing colors for different advertising products.

Direct mail advertising works best when you have simple message, a believable statement of fact about your product or service, a specific offer for that product or service, and once you know the ad is working for you, a consistent, repeatable campaign to keep your name, offer, and information before a target audience in a specific area.

I know we have presented these suggestions in the past, but they should be repeated as often as possible. This approach works and, if you use them, you will find a greater degree of success in your direct mail advertising. Let us know any methods or approaches to direct mail advertising that have worked for you.

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