How to get Great Clients

What is a Great Client? Your Great Client is the customer who_ _ _(fill in the blank) They could be:

Your biggest client

The client who always pays early or on time

The client who always meets your deadlines.

We all have a different definition of what makes up Great Clients. My question to you is how do you get more of them?

First off, how much time are you spending on the clients that are unreasonable, difficult or have a hard time paying? Start tracking the time that you spend with these clients. Once you see how much time they take up, you will be more willing to move away from them and concentrate on getting more of those great clients that you truly enjoy working with. Start with figuring out which traits make up your great clients. You can use the 3 examples above to help you get started.

Second, brainstorm on how you can get new great clients just like the ones you currently have.

Do you need to

Change how you’re prospecting leads to get bigger accounts

Set up an automatic payment plan when you first sign the customer up to avoid late payments.

Ask for referrals from your other great clients.

Finally keep perfecting your methods and clients list. You deserve to come to work and look forward to working with your clients.

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