Importance of Consistency in Coupon Advertising

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We have found that consistently advertising in the same area gives you the best results, and by repeatedly advertising to the same consumers, you are able to better design, target, and utilize this important method of promoting your business or service.

What do we mean by consistency? Consistency is providing information about your company and offer on regular, frequent basis to the same mailing area over an extended period of time. We have some clients who have mailed a coupon regularly in our products, to the same areas, for fifteen or more years. Of course, we have many others who have mailed for far shorter time frames. The point is, we have validated the increased success of frequent, consistent mailings repeated

ly to the same mailing area has a higher return rate compared to just mailing to an area infrequently.

We believe this is possible because the people begin to identify coupons that they receive frequently as reliable, successful businesses. The consistency of a particular coupon advertiser becomes a comfortable, dependable potential resource to be contacted and used when needed. This is also why it’s an excellent idea to maintain a consistent look across all advertising and marketing materials.

If your business is seasonal in nature, such as a chimney cleaner or a holiday specialty store, this strategy will not be as practical, except as it relates to those times of the year when your business is providing a specific seasonal service or product. Thus, for the vast majority of businesses, a well-designed, effective coupon message can enhance customer volume by participating in a specific mailing area consistently.

If you are looking to increase your customer volume (and who isn’t? :)) consistency of exposure has proven to be a very effective method to insure additional response. Plus, you gain the added advantage of enhanced name recognition in the community.

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