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Wikipedia defines Advertising as “a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering.”

Well-thought out signage can be the perfect tool to add to your current Marketing Campaign. You can use signs to effectively communicate both who you are and what you have to offer. The great thing is, there are many types of signs to fit all business needs and budgets. There are endless ways you can use signs for your business.

Lawn signs are great if you’re in the home service industry! When the homeowner is RAVING about how wonderful your workmanship is, and the professionalism you show, to all their friends at the neighborhood block party, your lawn sign will be a great point of reference so those new potential clients to get your contact information.

Vehicle signs How often do you find yourself running errands and are thinking about that long list of things that you still have to do? You walk by a van parked that is advertising mobile dry cleaning. How easy it for you to jot down the number and voila! one thing less on your to-do list. Here is a list of cars and vans that I saw driving to work today that advertise their business with vehicle signs: Cat groomer, housecleaning, pool cleaning, plumber, landscaper, BBQ restaurant and a mobile dog grooming. All of these were locally owned companies, some had elaborate paint jobs others just had a sticker with their logo, name and phone number.

Guy on the corner I drive by a pizza parlor on my way home from work, and everyday there is a young man or woman spinning around a sign with the restaurant’s dinner special. They are listening to music and are very creative with their moves. I always enjoy the show and definitely know where the restaurant is now.

Banners and Flags Get your message across in bright bold colors and for an affordable cost, I have seen new business use banners as their temporary signs or more establish businesses use banners advertise a special offer or promotion. Please do check with your city ordinances regarding the use of banners; some cities and shopping centers place restrictions of these kinds of advertising.

Building Sign Let your customers know were you’re located with a sign. The ideas are endless of where you can put a sign and how you can make it look. It is important that you check with your landlord and the city to make sure you are in compliance.

Electrical Signs -Don’t be left out in the dark, be seen no matter what time of day it is! I think electrical signs or backlit signs are great if you want to attract business to your location at night.

Point of Purchase Signs The signs that your customers see when they are ready to make purchasing decisions; right at the register. This can be anything from banners, printed posters, floor signs or digital media boards. These can be a great tool for letting your customers know about other products that you offer and as well as other in store promotions.

Printed Posters A great way to display color posters of your products. How fun is it to show the latest hair cuts or your best selling product nice and big for all your customers to see?

Promotional Products This includes everything from pens to tee shirts. This can help reinforce your brand name and recognition, and people always like getting free stuff! I have seen companies create to-do list notebooks and give them to clients, magnets and re-usable shopping bags. These are great ways of getting your name out to the public.

Get creative and advertise your business (always check with you local rules and regulation to make sure it is legal please!) We all know how important advertising is in the success for a business. It is so important to make sure that your name is out for the public to see. Whether you are a store front, a contractor or a mobile service you can use signs to increase your business!

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