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Signs are a great tool you can use when creating your marketing plan.

A sign is a method of advertising that allows business to communicate effectively with their consumers. It is important to keep in mind what a sign can do for a business; signage can build an image, give information and providing advertising. These are some very powerful features and it’s important to make sure that when designing your sign you don’t get carried away and lose track of your original intent

When you sit down to design your sign keep in mind these 3 very basic principles.

1. Make sure it’s big enough to read! I can’t say this enough; I hate when I see a person holding up a sign or a truck drives by and I can’t make out what it’s saying, even when I’m stopped at a light or in traffic. Hold up the sign and ask a friend to walk back, way back. Can they tell you what your message is in 3 seconds? If not, then you may want to head back to the drawing board! I also want you to have someone who had not helped you work on the sign help you with this assignment. I can not tell you how many times I have worked on an ad from start to finish and been very proud of what my team and my I came up with, to only have another salesperson walk by and ask what the ad is for. This is a sure sign that I’ve lost track of my intent, and this the ad gets reworked ASAP.

2. Make it Short and Simple Too much information or poorly designed logos will detract from the message on your sign. This is true to many forms of advertising; you always want to consider ad content whether is is designing a business card, a logo, or a business sign.

3. What is your message? Ask yourself: “What is this sign meant for? To build an image, give information and provide advertising?” Choose one, and in the end you will make your sign more powerful with a clear, direct message.

As always make sure you check with your landlord and city planning regulations before ordering your sign. Depending on where you are located, some types of signs are not allowed so it always better to double check first!

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