Part 2: How Can QR Codes benefit you?

They’re starting to show up everywhere these days; in stores, on vehicles, print ads… the ideas are really limitless.

QR codes aren’t as common here as they are overseas; Europe and Japan have been using them for some time, but they are slowly showing up more and more in American media, and as smartphones and similar devices become more commonplace, QR codes are sure to make more appearances in our daily lives.

What can QR codes do for you and your business?

They started as a way to track parts in vehicle manufacturing, but have, over the years, been used in many other forms. Recently it has started to become more prevalent in marketing and advertising.

When you buy a print ad, you have a limited amount of space. To use our own product as an example, you have a print area of 8 inches by 3 inches; that really limits the amount of room you have to share information with your prospective clients and still design an effective, eye catching ad. A QR code can directly link the person looking at your ad to your website, blog or Facebook page, where the space is unlimited to tell your story and share information about your products.

Imagine this: An interior decorator includes a gorgeous photo of a sitting room she designed, and includes a QR code with the photo. When a reader scans the included QR code, they’re taken to the designer’s photo gallery, which showcases the entire house she decorated, or maybe a gallery of other living rooms.

How about a general contractor? He could feature a photo of a kitchen or whole house remodel, and then QR code could take the viewer to a blog post about the process; this would give the contractor the chance to discuss the quality of their workmanship, the extra effort he puts in to keep everything clean, maybe a written or even video testimonial from the happy homeowner!

The possibilities are endless. There’s cure to be a way to put this popular new technology to work for you… to get you more customers. It’s just a matter of finding the best way for you.

This short video (4 minutes) will give you an overview of some businesses that are using QR codes in some exciting new ways:

The question is this: Will your customers use QR Codes? We’d love to hear your story!

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