Spending Time Wisely

I often spend a lot of time thinking about how to get the most out of my days. I shared with you a last month some of my favorite time saving tricks and thought that you might be interested in a few more!

1. You already know this one, but it bears repeating: Eat right, and get enough rest and exercise! You might be reading and this and thinking, “I thought that you were going to tell me how to get more done not add to my list of things to do!” Well that’s not the case! Scientific studies will tell you that the above is the fundamental key to a productive life! Food is the fuel our bodies need, and what we put in them makes a difference to our energy levels. Sugary foods, coffee and soda will give you energy, but they will also make you crash after a limited amount of time. If you eat 3 small, healthy meals a day with high protein snacks in between, you will find that your energy will be consistent throughout the day. Sleep is so important, and we’ve all heard the studies, so I will not go into that yet again.

2. Set up a time limit to complete a task. As a business owner, you have email to check, bids to get out, appointments to go to and so on and so on. Checking emails alone can take the entire day. Set time limits for each project, at the end of the set time, move on to your next project. Depending on where we are in our production schedule, I can be handling 5 separate types of jobs. I create a folder for each one and cycle through them, I make sure to prioritize whatever is most important and I spend my time accordingly.

3. Know when you work best. Each person has a best time of when he or she does business. Start tracking when yours is and plan your days accordingly. I prefer to into the office really early in the morning, to get my paperwork done and free up the middle of the day to meet with customers, and then come back to the office and work on projects that require more paperwork. For some reason, I can concentrate on paperwork better from 7-10:00 am and 3-

5:00 pm than I can in the middle of the day, when the phone is ringing and there are lots of other people in the office.

I really hope that these tips help! I will share more with you soon and I would love to hear some of your favorite tips!

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