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Targeted List & Call Tracking = MORE customers

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Targeting advertising to your right customer can increase your sales, save you money on advertising, and make your team more productive.  We understand the importance of a targeted mailing list, which is why we wanted to share how our mailing list is custom created with you in mind.

PLUS at the end of the article, we will share with you 2019 top cities and a special offer when you call today!

How we pick our mailing list

• Homeowners- Because we work with a lot of home service/home improvement companies, we target single-family residences. Every month we mail out 225,000 magazines, and over 90% of those magazines mail to homeowners who need your service.

• Income – We pick communities with income above $100,000. We then send out to neighborhoods who can afford to use your services.

• Targeted – Between rising gas prices and traffic, we know that some companies prefer to have very focused territories. We decided to break our areas down into increments of 25,000 homes. Having these targeted zones allows us to pinpoint where calls are coming from and strengthen your marketing with an insert or postcard.

Our not so secret weapon

Call Tracking – The best thing for marketing since sliced bread! We place a (925) number on your ad that tracks all of your calls.

Your team at Golden Mailer then uses the information to help improve your marketing campaign. We recommend new clients start with mailing to all 225,000 homes. Call tracking allows us to see which zones are producing the best results. From there we can talk about ways to improve your campaign with the LocalBuzz.

Call today! We are offering all new clients 40% off when they sign up for all zones! As promised 2019 top producing cities:

1.    Antioch / Brentwood

2.    Concord / Clayton

3.    Walnut Creek

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