Why Advertise Your Business Online?

Do we even need to ask why businesses should be advertised online? It isn’t the 90’s anymore; we aren’t getting excited over the wonders of e-mail. The world revolves around the internet now. Even the thought of going without internet for a week is just pure insanity to most people.

So what does this have to do with advertising? Well to put it simply: advertising is meant to be seen and since most of what we see is on the internet nowadays, that is where the advertising must be. Online advertising actually offers some of the richest benefits demonstrated by any media channel. Well what are these rich benefits? Let’s discuss a few:

Reach. With online advertising, small businesses no longer have to be subjected to their local surroundings. Even a business that has just started can have their online advertisements reach people across the country and even the globe. This is great for businesses that provide services online for other people that require no real-life interaction because a customer can spot the advertisement and begin business with them right away. However on the other hand, if you sell snowboards, don’t expect some people in Florida to be interested in your ad so you may want to look more into the next awesome benefit of online advertising: targeting.

Targeting/Relevance. Online advertisements can help businesses make their way to the customers that are more likely to be interested in them. For example, if you were the owner of the previously made-up snowboard business then you can have your ads placed on websites that snowboard enthusiasts would be interested in or on the newsfeed of Facebook users that have shown an interest in snowboarding. Cookie technology has even started to allow consumers to be retargeted by tracing products that they have showed interest in before and then placing likewise products in front of them. This is good for the customer and the business; users get to see relevant ads and businesses get to draw in the right customers.

Tracking. The internet is great for direct response advertising. Businesses can measure the effectiveness of their online campaign and make adjustments accordingly. This is important so that you don’t have some ad floating around that doesn’t evoke any interest in consumers. Wouldn’t that just be awful if it took a while to find out how your ad was doing? You’d slowly be generating dislike from customers while wasting valuable money. This is the part of online advertising that requires businesses to not be lazy though, because they must be willing to fix the advertising that isn’t working and optimize their online presence to reach more consumers. However, you run a business, so it’s doubtful that you are that lazy.

Engagement.  Online advertising allows the consumers to talk directly with the businesses that produce the products in some cases. A good example is a company that offers a beta test for an item and then has the testers respond with their critiques and praises so that the business knows what works and what does not. It’s easy to get testers too, because people always want to try something out before everyone else.

Mobile. The use of smartphones has exploded in the recent years. At first it was something that was just a cool sounding tactic, but now it is becoming one of the most important aspects in online advertising. People always have their phones on them and most of the time have internet on those phones, thus they always have your advertisements on them as well.

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