Your Attitude and Your Success; They go Together

How is your attitude? A simple question, but rarely easy to answer. For most of us, the quick response is “positive”. However, in reality, a truthful answer is far more complicated. To begin with, each new day posseses its own set of issues which require a unique set of reactions. But, for our purposes, let’s just focus on a few key elements that affect a successful business.

Are you inspired?

What motivates you each morning to open your business, to meet customers, to buy supplies, to repair equipment, to close a sale, or to pay your bills? The driving force that moves us to be in business and the degree to which we believe in it is our inspiration. Thus, the simple question “are you inspired” plays a key role in your success as a businessperson. How committed you are to your business, your products or services, your employees, and your customers will convey the level of inspiration you command. Your ability to perform effectively is based upon your belief in yourself and those who help you achieve your objectives because it ultimately determines, to a large degree, how effective you are in accomplishing your business goals.

Are you inspiring?

Of course, to reach all that you hope to accomplish will depend upon how well you are able to convey positive leadership qualities? Are your employees motivated to achieve your business goals? Inspiring people to want to work with you to meet your expectations is clearly one of the major challenges of every business owner. How well you accomplish this is central to your business success. This means conveying to your employees the inspiration necessary to motivate your customers to purchase services or products. And, this is achieved by clearly understanding your business values.

The image you and your employees project to your customers is based upon a heighten belief in shared business values. What you consider a fair price for your products or services is one. Another is customer service, such as, conduct of employees when dealing with customers, return policies, and the level of quality you demand in your products or services. These are just a few examples.

This holds true whether you are a sole proprietor with no employees or have a large work force to manage. If you have employees, the critical factor is motivating them to share your business values. If they share your values then you are well on the way to a successful business future. But, make sure of your answer. Too often, we assume our employees are on board when the fact is they do not have a clue as to what their employer expects of them. Thus, it is your responsibility to inspire them by clearly articulating as well as demonstrating on a regular basis your business values. Consistency and frequency of your values, as demonstrated by you, will inspire your employees and customers because they will recognize commitment to principles that have lead to your success.

How committed you are to meeting your customers needs will be evident by your ability to successfully answer the questions above. Your ability to consistently follow through in meeting the challenges of a business owner are enhanced by your ability to inspire.

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